Drilling marble, metal, stone, all kinds of fields in precious and base metal industry, drilling for the land and determined front floor structures. In the areas of coring operations values of the ground for tests to be conducted in the laboratory samples received from concrete, quarries, roads, dams, ponds areas and so on. The drill holes can be blown out of the large block on the blocks for construction. Easy to use, fast and economical gasoline portable / portable core drilling machine is on hand.

Generaly drilling and coring operation machines are big structures mounted to trucks and on long and heavy vehicles. It is not possible for people to carry them easily and are great and costly non-portable machines are not6 profitable. Drilling machines with higher capacity are large machines , transporting them drill for application to the area is to be expensive, Our compact machine engines are the best for economical solutions , with easy application.

Gas portable / hand-held core drilling machines can be moved with a small quantity of drill-core applications, the machine can be carried by people and equipment to wherever required by the mean of portability and easy use; (Ground surveys carried out to fields, forests, cliffs, stone and quarrying, marble quarries, difficult terrain, etc.) And core drilling / sampling applications easily done. All kinds of metal, marble, before the quarry investments, reserves in the field will be invested in the quality, depth, color, cracks identify, pickling (production opening above the area to be made) to identify the area to be made, signs, signs, poles, railings and so on. preparing the ground for the installation of infrastructure and basic structure of the (building-dam-ground etc.) concrete samples for tests to be conducted in laboratories / core enables taken, quarries, roads, dams, ponds and so on. In the opening holes on the blocks to be blown out of the big block in the construction process providing great amenities.
Gas portable core hand drilling machines and drilling carried out with equipment-carotene (metal-marble-concrete etc.) Taken in the application sample / easy one axis of the core compressive strength and similar experiments / tests are carried out. Gas portable core drilling machines and hand reached up to 30 meters with equipment. All the above mentioned operations can be done by a single person. Application immediate, less noise than the large capacity drilling machine, and does not create noise pollution through less fuel consumption. Among the objectives of the identified reserves of the invention, the lowering of the marble-before-buying quarries in applications such as the creation of a mirror and operating costs it is also planned.